Sunday, September 13, 2015

Acoustic Audio HD516 5.1 Official Review

Acoustic Audio HD516 5.1 - Get the Acoustic Audio's product reviews from the experts at this blog. Find the best Acoustic Audio's product like Acoustic Audio HD516 5.1 Home Theater Speaker System (White).

Acoustic Audio HD516 5.1 Features

  • (2) 6.5" Rectangular In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers, (2) 6.5" Round In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers, (1) Dual 6.5" Center Channel, (1) 10" Passive Inwall Subwoofer, 1850 Watts Peak Power Handling (Total)
  • Sensitivity is 98dB with 26-22,000 Hz Frequency Response
  • These are voice matched speakers to get the seamless, consistent tone necessary for a great 5.1 channel home theater surround sound
  • Rectangular Speakers: Cut Out Size is 7.375" x 10.75" per speaker, Overall Size is 8.875" x 12.25" per speaker and Mounting Depth is 3.5". Round Speakers: Cut Out Size is 7.875" per speaker, Overall Size is 9" per speaker and Mounting Depth is 3.25"
  • Center Channel: Cut Out Size: 19.25" x 7.5", Overall Size: 20.5" x 8.75" and Mounting Depth is 3.25". Subwoofer: Cut Out Size: 10.625" x 10.625", Overall Size: 12" x 12" and Mounting Depth is 3.75"
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Acoustic Audio HD516 5.1 Description

This is a new Acoustic Audio High Definition Series HD516 5.1 in-wall/ceiling speaker system. This system is perfectly matched and consists of: (2) rectangular front in-wall HD speakers, (2) round rear in-ceiling HD speakers, (1) dedicated true center channel in-wall HD speaker and (1) 10" in-wall HD subwoofer. This is the ultimate entertainment package to build your very own home theater surround sound system. The speakers mount seamlessly into any wall or ceiling, so they won't take up precious shelf or floor space. Each speaker has been designed to provide the best sound quality. The entire system can handle 1,850 watts of power and features authentic 6.5" Kevlar cones, butyl rubber surrounds and titanium tweeters. Installation is easy because of the speakers' quick-turn mounting arms. The grills are white and can be painted to match specific decor. Speaker wire is included. This package comes with a non-amplified subwoofer. This subwoofer will need an external amplifier for use. Read more ...
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